Hockey is more than just a game to the many players, families, and communities that are brought together by the sport. Our hope is to share the story of a small town in Minnesota that has embraced the game like nowhere else. The hardest part of being a storyteller is knowing that of all the great stories that need to be told, some never will because of time and money. We need your help to ensure that this does not become one of the great untold stories.

acowsay cinema is beyond excited to officially announce the first season of our original program, All In. This series is dedicated to telling the stories of athletes committed to living out their dream, whatever that may be, doing whatever is needed of them. Follow along as we dive into the the action of the Austin Bruins.



episode one

Austin Bruins

Picking up with the Bruins in the middle of their 2018-2019 season, All In will follow the natural storyline, sharing the real-life struggles + successes of the team and players as the season plays out.

Each episode will move our chronological timeline forward while keeping the focus on the stories outside of the boards. We will work directly with the coaches, players, and community figures to identify themes and messages that hold true to the this years team and transcend the game. This season is projected to include ten, 44-minute episodes. It will be created without commercials and be formatted primarily for online viewing. 


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In Partnership With: TFA Group
Production: acowsay cinema
Director: Tyler Eichorst
Shot By: Tyler Eichorst + Alec Kintigh + Alyse Iorio + Beth Resch + Danny Krueger
Edited By: Tyler Eichorst