Dream.State. Season I

Minnesota is known for a lot of things: Prince, 10,000 lakes and our accents, "oh you betcha." It's cold, it snows but year round, we love our hockey. It's the history, story, passion + dedication behind the long and hard road to the High School Boys State Hockey Tournament. This is what every kids dreams about, state.


Sports-Program Series (Outside of News)

Sports-Program Series (Outside of News)


Episode 1 //

"The teams. the tourney. the timelessness."



Episode 2 //

"the great outdoors"



Episode 3 //

"the race to march"



Episode 4 //

"family matters"



Episode 5 //

"The final push"



Episode 6 //

"The tourney"



Credits //

Creative Agency: Public Works
Client: State of Hockey
Director: Tyler Eichorst
Executive Producer: Derek Bitters
Network: Fox Sports North
Producers: Sarah Edwards, Bruce Meyers, Danny Krueger, Sam Christian
Shooters: Tyler Eichorst, Bruce Meyers, Alec Kintigh, Alyse Iorio, Gerick Engle, Jenny Olson