EVOLVE Adoption & Family Services is dedicated to a world where everyone has nurturing, permanent and supportive family relationships. We accomplish this by providing ethical, high quality adoption and foster care programs, pregnancy services, child-focused recruitment, family support and therapeutic services.



Growing families. Enriching lives.

"For children to grow up and be the best that they can be, a family is a basic need."

- Nicole Deters; CEO of Evolve



a note from alec

about his 2017 “giveback” project

I first heard about Evolve from two of my friends. They were volunteering and helping plan the gala for Evolve's 40 year anniversary. Not knowing a whole lot about the adoption process myself, I decided to learn more and meet with them to see how acowsay could help spread their message. We decided to tell stories from both sides of adoption; someone who was adopted, and parents who chose to adopt.

Evolves number one goal is to find the best possible permanent home for children. In order to do that, they have programs that range from family preservation, to foster care and adoption, which I found out is rare for an adoption agency. It became apparent how common adoption is and how many people have actually been in the foster care system, but each story is unique. The effect one child has on a family is one that spreads to both past and future generations.

For everything Evolve does for children and families not just in Minnesota, but around the world, a 5 minute video doesn't seem like a whole lot. My hope was that it would help bring more awareness, volunteers, and donations to help lower the number of children lingering in foster care.

Credit //

Client: Evolve
Directed By: Alec Kintigh
Shot By: Alec Kintigh + Tyler Eichorst
Edited By: Alec Kintigh