Intellicents is a financial advisory services firm coupling human intelligence with interactive technology to reimagine financial services for employers and individuals. Priding themselves as pioneers within the investment management and employee benefits community, intellicents was founded by a family that believes in bringing financial confidence to every American through two parallel strategies: a stellar team + revolutionary technology.



what's your dream?

The people in this video are all real. Their dreams are all real. And most importantly, they made their dreams REAL. 

So we ask you again, what is your dream?



Brittni's Story






Jen's Story



Seth's Story

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Client: Intellicents
Produced By: Danny Krueger, Sarah Edwards
Directed By: Tyler Eichorst
Shot By: Tyler Eichorst, Alyse Iorio, Alec Kintigh
Edited By: Alyse Iorio