Lakes Jam

Lakes Jam is an annual event that unites rock and country music fans from all walks of life and brings them together in the Brainerd Lakes area. Founded in 2012, Lakes Jam intends to deliver a line-up from an array of excellent live performing artists every year. Each year will be different, fresh and exciting!


Experience Film

Located in lakes country on the grounds of Brainerd International Raceway, the area boasts beautiful scenery and allows Lakes Jam to offer optimal camping and weekend fun. 



Additional Uses

  • Lakes Jame 2016 Short

  • Brainerd Zip Line Tour

  • Lake Superior Helicopters


Credit // 

Client: Lakes Jam
Agency: Media Bridge Advertising
Production: acowsay cinema
Director: Tyler Eichorst
Shot By: Tyler Eichorst + Gerick Engle + Jenny Olson + Kyle Kerwhal
Edited By: Tyler Eichorst