tara latour 

Tara LaTour is local Minneapolis wedding gown designer with a reach world wide. For their 2018 collection, the team at Tara LaTour reached out to us to help them develop a video that would entwine Tara's two passions; fashion + dance.

"A place where fashion and dance come together in a subtle and romanticized way. Where staccato meets fluidity. Where haze and mood create beauty." - Tara LaTour


2018 Collection

"The dance"



Behind the Scenes

photography // Jenny Olson


Credit // 

Client: Tara LaTour
Choreographer: Jessie James
Execution + Director of Choreography: Ali Morrissey + Velocity Dance and Theater
Dancer's Costuming: Ignite Dance Connections
Models: Gianna Ballard + Jessica Strohm
Dancers: Ali Gabler, Alyssa Gowan, Brenna Cliff, Danica Rosen, Ellie Zimmer, Hannah Kasner, Hope Loosbrock, Jordan Fleek, Jordan Fasching, Kaitlyn Dipasupil, Kiki Oie, Lauren Honke, Lauren Pulvermacher, Kianne Bouavichith, Sophie Keeler
Production: acowsay cinema
Directed By: Alyse Irio
Shot By: Tyler Eichorst, Alyse Iorio, Alec Kintigh
Edited By: Alyse Irio