Love One ANother

Over its 52 year history, Love One Another's unique approach has evolved entirely from the compassion and vision of founder Allan Law, former teacher in the Inner City Minneapolis Public School System for 32 years. It has transformed from a small inner city youth program to an organization serving at risk youth and the homeless community. Driven by 8,000+ annual volunteers, Love One Another provides basic necessities for thousands and over 800,000 servings of food annually.


It Starts with one

allan law “The Sandwich Man”

Since his retirement in 1999, Allan spends each night from 8pm to 11am driving the inner city streets of the Twin Cities in search of people to help. Making as many as 50 stops a night, he provides urgently needed basic necessities and compassionate care to hundreds of people from the back of his minivan.



Behind the Scenes

Photography: Jenny Olson

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Organization: Love One Another
In Partnership With: TFA Group
Shot By: Tyler Eichorst + Alyse Iorio + Alec Kintigh + Beth Resch
Edited By: Tyler Eichorst